Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She did it!

Well, my trainer Holly completed the CCI*** at Fairhill which means: SHE CAN GO TO ROLEX!!

Obviously, I'm excited.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go watch or groom since I'm still in school, but I heard that almost the entire cross country course was turned into soup. Out of 78 entries in the CCI*** only 35 finished. The majority of riders withdrew. It was totally nerve-racking waiting to hear the results because I knew that if Holly didn't ride, she wouldn't have the chance to go to Rolex.

Holly and Stewie (her crazy but extremely talented Thoroughbred), earned a respectable 58 in dressage to put them in the middle of the pack. She rode cross country and went clean with only 19 time penalties and then went double clear in stadium to end up in 15th place.

She said that Stewie was amazing, which he usually is. The horse absolutely lives for cross country. And when I said crazy, I do mean crazy. He's only 8 so he's still young but he definitely knows his job and he loves doing it.

It's really exciting to see them doing so well because Holly is such an amazing person, rider, and horsewoman. She's one of the funniest people I've ever met and she's also one of the most talented riders I've ever seen. And, to top it off, she knows her shit.
I can't wait for Rolex now - I wish it was coming up sooner!

Photos: Holly dominating the Fairhill three star course. Photo credit: useventing.com

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