Friday, October 16, 2009

Showing Off

The last two horse trials May has been amazing. She's been soft and supple in the dressage, beasted the cross country, and picked those knees up high in the stadium. I'm really looking forward to seeing how she does at the Preliminary at River Glen.

So as a tribute to her (because I do love her), I figured I'd post some of my favorite pictures just to show off.

A dressage picture at Tryon Riding and Hunt Club horse trials. May was awesome, however I screwed up one of the movements of the test. Funny thing is that I rode Prelim test B at the last show and Prelim test A at this show and somehow managed to mess up the trot to canter part on both of them! Guess I should read those tests more carefully.

Up and over one of the coops on the course. These two coops were set at a really steep angle and Don (who walked the course with me) suggested that since it was my first Prelim I should take the long route (circle after the first coop and take the second), which I did. It rode great but I'm positive that next time I'll take the short route.

One of our best stadium rounds to date! May hit every spot and she jumped up and round over the fences. We were one of only four rounds to go clear in our division. The mare is really turning out to be great!

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